Are The Acacia Strain Releasing a New Album in July?

  • Axl Rosenberg

So, like, remember how The Acacia Strain have been releasing these two-song EPs or maxi-singles or whatever for the past four months? And remember how all of the names of those releases were all single letters — specifically D, E, C, and A? And remember how I was a real dumb dildo who figured out what word they were spelling and then somehow forgot?

Well, it’s Decay. The word they’re spelling is Decay. Yes. Yes. I can see how obvious it is now.

ANYWAY, this according to Lambgoat, who report that “a few leaked album listings” say The Acacia Strain will release a new album, Slow Decay, on July 17 via Rise Records. The album will apparently feature the ten tracks which make up the previously-released EPs (assuming that Y is coming this month and also includes two songs), plus two additional cuts:

  1. “Feed A Pigeon Breed A Rat”
  2. “Crippling Poison”
  3. “Seeing God featuring Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece)
  4. “Solace and Serenity”
  5. “The Lucid Dream” featuring Jess Nyx (Mortality Rate)
  6. “I breathed in the smoke deeply it tasted like death and I smiled” featuring Zach Hatfield (Left Behind)
  7. “Crossgates”
  8. “Inverted Person Chhinnamasta”
  9. “One Thousand Painful Stings” featuring Courtney LaPlante (ex-Iwrestledabearonce)
  10. “Birds of Paradise, Birds of Prey”
  11. “Earth Will Become Death”

We’ll let you know the moment this is officially confirmed.

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