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the ocean collectiveNo, not Tool. But Berlin, Germany’s The Ocean certainly give them a run for their money in “best band ever” category. About a year ago Kip and I saw The Ocean headline a small NYC venue — before which we interviewed guitarist/mastermind Robin Staps over a round of whiskeys — and they literally made all of the opening bands look like little girls. And we’re not talking about slouchy openers, here — Withered, Lair of the Minotaur and Kylesa opened up, in that order — but the difference was just that stark in the live setting. The Ocean ruled, everyone else drooled in comparison.

So if you’re a vocalist without a band or you’re a vocalist in a band that’s going nowhere (as if you’d actually acknowledge the latter), you might want to shoot Staps an email at [email protected] with a link to an audition video or mp3, because vocalist Mike Pilat has officially left The Ocean. Check Pitriff for official statements from Pilat and Staps. This sucks for us because the guy was good, but rules for you if you’ve got chops and are looking to join a great band. Get on it!

Check this ripping live clip of The Ocean at Hellfest last summer. If you’re impatient, skip to the 3 minute mark where it starts to get good great.


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