underoath vs. avenged sevenfoldI really couldn’t give a fuck what some dude in Underoath says about Avenged Sevenfold, but lots of you have been emailing us about this and besides, this is the kind of shit-kicking we specialize in around here, no? So apparently Metal Hammer was out with Underoath in Austria and Italy and got this choice nugget out of guitarist Tim McTague:

“People might associate us with Avenged Sevenfold because they’re pissed republicans and ‘so metal’, but they’re a gimmick, they’re a circus. They can play [corrected] but they can’t write songs. What’s worse is the way they look. If you need to have make-up and crappy names like Synyster Gates to sell records, then you shouldn’t be here.

That’s not rock’n’roll to me. Arena rock maybe, but not real rock’n’roll. If you’re basing yourself on how cool you are or how many girls you can trick into thinking your band is cool you can just… take that home. I’m not saying that’s what Avenged Sevenfold do, but they do a lot of crap that makes me think, ‘that’s why you and us will never be the same’. At the same time, we don’t write a really heavy record ‘just to show all those Avenged Sevenfold fans what real metal is like.”

Who knows is there was any kind of precursor here, some off-the-record incident involving the two bands to which we aren’t privy. But really, who cares? Here are two very controversial bands taking swings at each other (see also: The Dillinger Escape Plan vs. Disturbed, Parts I – IV), and we’re just gonna sit back and enjoy the fireworks. Discuss!


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