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I really, really thought that Arsonists Get All the Girls might break-up. They’ve been through so many line-up changes and hardships since the release of  2007’s The Game of Life that you hardly could’ve blamed them if they’d called it quits.

But AGATG ain’t quitters. The game of life is hard, but they know about it, they know about it, the game, the game of life. And so they’re releasing a new album, Portals, on July 14.

The album reunites the band with Zack Ohren, who also worked with All Shall Perish, Brain Drill, Apiary, the late Light This City, and a bunch of other cool bands I’m forgetting, so they’re in good hands. They’re also streamlined now, as they’re down to a single vocalist.

I’m incredibly curious to hear this album. AGTAG are one of those bands that are stuck with the negative “deathcore” tag even though they’re a really, really talented band. Given their experimental/prog/tech tendencies, the “Sumeriancore” tag is actually way more accurate, even though the band is signed to Century. But for all I know, they’re technically wigger slam.


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