Machine Head Release New Single “My Hands Are Empty”


Machine Head have debuted a new single, “My Hands Are Empty.” The track, which deals with the subjects of depression and opioid addiction, marks the first musical collaboration between MH mastermind Robb Flynn and original Burn My Eyes guitarist Logan Mader in 24 years.

Says Flynn of the song:

“I have some family members who have beaten their opioid addiction, and have some still in the throes of addiction. It is painful to watch, and I deal with it with great difficulty.  It is a song of sadness, but there is hope as well.  I have beaten my own drug addictions and we can fight through this, together, and share our pain with the world.”

He continues:

“Musically I wanted to go for a bit of a Through the Ashes of Empires vibe, and it had a grandiose vibe from the beginning, something about that vocal melody haunted me day and night. I sent it off to one of our collaborators Joel Wanasek, and he came back with a whole depth and dimension with strings and keys that really made the song come alive. I added the guitar harmony in the chorus soon after and I knew we were on to something special.

“On the recent ‘Burn My Eyes 25th Anniversary Tour’ I mentioned to Logan about needing a riff or two for a new song, he was excited to collaborate, I sent him the song and the next day he sent me back the heavy riff in the bridge and I was floored. It fit perfectly, and felt really cool to be writing together 24 years later.  Jared [MacEachern, bass] came up with the rhythm under the lead section and the song really locked into place.”

Mader ads:

“During pre-pro for the BME anniversary tour last year, I had a special opportunity to collaborate with Machine Head for the first time in over 20 years. 

“This is a big milestone for me, to circle back on a massive orbit around life and end up doing new music with MH is epic and unexpected. The song, ‘My Hands Are Empty’ was almost completed but needed a riff or two. Robb sent it to me, so I jumped in and added a section which ended up in the master after some arrangement tweaks by Robb. The song is amazing. It was a great feeling to be in the studio with Robb after all these years and I hope to do it again!”

The drums, meanwhile, were performed by Navene Koperweis (Entheos, Whitechapel, Animals as Leaders), who also performed on the track “Circle the Drain,” which was released earlier this year. The chorus features Flynn trading vocals with MacEachern.

You can check out the song via the below music video, which was directed by Mike Sloat / Roaring Mouse Productions. The song itself was produced by Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, Warbringer, Fallujah) and Flynn, and mixed by Colin Richardson. The lyrics are available at the bottom of this post.

“My Hands Are Empty” Lyrics:

Misery, cover me in waves
The heartache is slowly
Withering, I become her slave
Succumb to the darkness

Suffocating like I’m drowning in sand
Depression’s got me by her cold dead hands

Treachery, the choices you made
Cut my heart open with this golden blade

My hands are empty, lies so petty
My hands are empty, kill me gently

Medicate, I watched you slowly die
The powders and pills
Disintegrate, you right before my eyes
The emptiness haunts me

Glass reflections of a cold dead stare
Ingesting chemicals of death with no care

Memories, they haunt me they stain
Of what you once meant to me before this pain

My hands are empty, lies so petty
My hands are empty, kill me gently

I, I will not hide these scars of mine
(Take away the shame)
I, I will not be what’s left behind
(Find someone else to blame)
Forgiveness, constricted
No longer human
A ghost in time

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