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Axl’s gotten his panties all up in a bunch (and justifiably so) several times in the past about bands re-recording, re-mixing and re-releasing their classic albums (see: Exodus, Arch Enemy, etc) as a gluttonous cash-grab. But After the Burial, one of my favoritest Sumeriancore bands, might be the one rare case in which I fully support their decision to re-record, re-release and re-master one of their prior albums.

For one, it’s a bit too early to be calling 2008’s Rareform classic, great as it may be; it’s only the band’s second album, and first for Sumerian Records. Since the album’s release they’ve added new vocalist Anthony Notarmaso and grown leaps and bounds as a band; so why not capitalize on the “new vocalist” opportunity by also beefing up the small and artificial-sounding production job on Rareform‘s original iteration? In addition to the new vocal tracks, the record’s been remixed and remastered and now sounds a whole lot better. As an added bonus, the CD also includes 3 pro-shot live videos filmed at a sold-out show in their hometown of Minneapolis, MN.

No word on when the Rareform reissue will be available in stores and online, but it’s currently available at the band’s merch table on the MetalSucks co-sponsored Summer Slaughter tour.


[Thanks: Pete A.]

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