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  • Axl Rosenberg


What the fuck is happening in the world of deathcore? Job for a Cowboy’s Genesis didn’t really sound like Doom, All Shall Perish’s Awaken the Dreamers didn’t really sound like The Price of Existence, Suicide Silence’s No Time to Bleed doesn’t really sound like The Cleansing, and all evidence suggests that Born of Osiris’ A Higher Place will not really sound like The New Reign. Whether you love or hate these bands, there’s no denying that they’re evolving at a rapid pace.

And it looks like we can add Arsonists Get All the Girls to the list. The band has a new song, “Saturnine,” currently streaming on their MySpace page, and while it retains a lot of the Sumeriancore elements we love about the group, it’s a pretty far cry from anything off of The Game of Life. And although all the line-up changes since that album’s release probably have something to do with that, I don’t think there can be any doubt that the band has a creative desire to stretch their wings, too.

And good for them: metalcore’s downfall was ultimately the refusal of nine out of ten bands to do anything other than re-make their breakthrough record over and over again. If bands like AGATG are smart enough not to make the same mistake, I imagine they’ll go much, much further.

“Saturnine” will appear on AGATG’s new album, Portals, which will be released on Century on July 14. The band is also headlining the “No Care Ever” tour, currently rolling through Canada before hitting the States later this summer (with See You Next Tuesday, no less). In case the title of the tour didn’t tip you off… it seems like AGATG’s have a beef with a certain hardcore website. Check out the poster below. Hilarious.



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