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the onion logoThe Onion + Metal? Why not?

MS Maniac “bear wizard” alerted us yesterday to the fact that The Onion’s A/V Club has added a metal column to their previously pedestrian range of music coverage. Ex-Metal Edge contributor Leonard Pierce heads up the new “Metal Box” column for The Onion, which joins the growing list of publications now covering metal.

Pierce seems to have a good handle on the modern metal scene, too; the inaugural column covers new music from Heaven and Hell, Warbringer, Sunn O))), The Devil Wears Prada, Anal Cunt, Anaal Nathrakh and more. Your typical hipster rag metal column, this ain’t.

Surely some metal purist are going to complain and decry the increased coverage of metal in mainstream-ish media, but I think the more the better; what’s good for one publication is good for all of us. The international metal scene is the strongest it’s been in years and years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Welcome to the club, Onion!


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