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josh hommeIt hasn’t been confirmed, but a recent article published at Rock-a-Rolla.com [sent in by uber-commenter groverXIII] hints at the possibility of a Josh Homme / Mike Patton collaboration in the not-too-distant future:

Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal and Desert Sessions man Josh Homme is currently working on a “top secret” project according to Ipecac Recordings boss Greg Werckman. “Josh has got a new top secret project that he’s working on right now” Greg tells us. “He’s trying to get a lot of people involved in it, too, as a matter of fact he’s trying to convince Mike Patton to go out to the desert but Mike hates the desert.”

Seeing as the source of the rumor is a higher-up at Ipecac — the label Patton himself co-owns — the likelihood of this tantalizing collaboration coming to fruition seems pretty high. Homme + Patton? Color us interested. As long as it doesn’t prevent that Faith No More reunion tour from hitting the U.S. first (AHEM!).

No word yet on whether Homme plans on insulting and throwing bottles at his audience if the duo ever performs live.


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