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Some miscellaneous news regarding metal’s most divisive sub-genre…

  • Winds of Plauge have released a teaser video for their new album, The Great Stone War, which you can check out above. The artwork is certainly epic as fuck; hopefully the music will follow suit. Century will release the record on August 11.
  • Suicide Silence are currently streaming their new album, No Time to Bleed, on their MySpace page. Vince and I both dig it; give it a listen, then come back here and tell us why we’re right or wrong. The record will be released tomorrow, also on Century.
  • Job for a Cowboy are streaming another new track off their forthcoming Ruination, which Metal Blade will release on July 7. Entitled, “Regurgitated Disinformation,” you can hear the song on the band’s MySpace page. And then come back here and, of course, argue about it until you’re blue in the face. Or blue in the keyboard. Or whatever.


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