21 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century... So Far




The list was never meant to be definitive – there would be no way to compile a so-called “definitive” list of the “best” metal albums anyways. We were just hoping to have some fun, and we’ve certainly had fun. And hopefully at least some of you have had fun, too.

But no matter which 21 albums our panel ended up selecting, there were always going to be hundreds – literally hundreds – of worthy records that just weren’t going to get the love they deserve.

To that end, throughout the remainder of the week, each MetalSucks staffer will be writing about one album that he wishes had made the list.

In the meantime, after the jump, you can check out all the albums our panelists voted for that didn’t make the list; in other words, these albums would be on a list of the  543 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century… So Far.

We hope that it continues to provide fodder for your arguments.

Metallica, Death Magnetic102 POINTS
Iron Maiden, Brave New World99 POINTS
Isis, Oceanic98 POINTS
Torche, Meanderthal97 POINTS
Meshuggah, obZen91 POINTS
Dimmu Borgir,  Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia90 POINTS
Cynic, Traced In Air 89 POINTS
Opeth, Deliverance86 POINTS
Baroness, Red Album80 POINTS
The Dillinger Escape Plan, Miss Machine79 POINTS
Mastodon, Crack the Skye 79 POINTS
Shadows Fall, Of One Blood79 POINTS
Gojira, The Way of All Flesh77 POINTS
Shadows Fall, The Art of Balance75 POINTS
Pig Destroyer,  Phantom Limb –  74 POINTS
Celtic Frost, Monotheist72 POINTS
High on Fire, Blessed Black Wings – 72 POINTS
Chimaira, The Impossibility of Reason67 POINTS
Nevermore, Dead Heart in a Dead World66 POINTS
Opeth, Watershed66 POINTS
In Flames, Come Clarity65 POINTS
Trivium, Ascendancy64 POINTS
Clutch, Blast Tyrant63 POINTS
Meshuggah, Nothing 63 POINTS
Glassjaw, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Silence60 POINTS
Lamb of God, Sacrament60 POINTS
Cave In, Jupiter 57 POINTS
Between the Buried and Me, Colors56 POINTS
Dillinger Escape Plan, Ire Works 56 POINTS
Soilwork, Natural Born Chaos55 POINTS
Cannibal Corpse, Kill54 POINTS
The Red Chord, Fused Together in Revolving Doors54 POINTS
Neurosis, A Sun that Never Sets51 POINTS
Slipknot, Iowa51 POINTS
Soilwork, Stabbing the Drama 51 POINTS
Arch Enemy, The Wages of Sin50 POINTS
Lamb of God, Wrath49 POINTS
Jesu, Conqueror48 POINTS
Testament, Formation of Damnation48 POINTS
Electric Wizard, Dopethrone47 POINTS
Isis, Panopticon47 POINTS
Down, Down III46 POINTS
Arsis, A Celebration of Guilt44 POINTS
Down, Down II44 POINTS
Nevermore, The Godless Endeavor44 POINTS
Queens of the Stone Age, Songs for the Deaf44 POINTS
Candiria, 300% Density43 POINTS
Every Time I Die, Hot Damn!43 POINTS
Iron Maiden, A Matter of Life and Death43 POINTS
Killswitch Engage, Killswitch Engage (2000) – 43 POINTS
Martyr AD, The Human Condition…42 POINTS
Nile, Annihilation of the Wicked42 POINTS
As I Lay Dying, An Ocean Between Us41 POINTS
Agalloch, The Mantle40 POINTS
Converge, No Heroes40 POINTS
Tool, 10,000 Days40 POINTS
Decapitated, Organic Hallucinosis39 POINTS
Indorphine, Glowsticks for Clubbing Baby Seals39 POINTS
Kylesa, Time Will Fuse its Worth39 POINTS
Shadows Fall, Threads of Life39 POINTS
Anthrax, We’ve Come for You All38 POINTS
Emperor, Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise38 POINTS
Made Out of Babies, The Ruiner 38 POINTS
Pantera, Reinventing the Steel38 POINTS
Thrice, Artist in the Ambulance38 POINTS
Unearth, The Stings of Conscience38 POINTS
Machine Head, Through the Ashes…37 POINTS
The Mars Volta, Deloused in the Comatorium37 POINTS
Nothingface, Violence36 POINTS
Sevendust, Animosity36 POINTS
Kylesa, Static Tenstions 35 POINTS
Norma Jean, O God The Aftermath35 POINTS
Pig Destroyer,  Prowler in the Yard35 POINTS
Enslaved, Below the Lights34 POINTS
High on Fire, The Art of Self Defense34 POINTS
Between the Buried and Me, Silent Circus33 POINTS
A Life Once Lost, A Great Artist32 POINTS
As I Lay Dying, Frail Words Collapse32 POINTS
Converge, You Fail Me32 POINTS
Sikth, Death of a Dead Day – 32 POINTS
Buried Inside, Chronoclast31 POINTS
The Crown,  Crowned In Terror/Crowned Unholy –  31 POINTS
Decapitated, Nihility31 POINTS
Napalm Death, The Code is Red… Long Live the Code31 POINTS
The Melvins, A Senile Animal30 POINTS
Avenged Sevenfold, Sounding the Seven Trumpets 29 POINTS
Five Pointe 0, Untitled29 POINTS
Opeth, Damnation29 POINTS
Wolves in the Throne Room, Two Hunters 29 POINTS
As I Lay Dying, Shadows Are Security28 POINTS
Big Business, Here Come the Water Works28 POINTS
Eyehategod, Confederacy of Ruined Lives28 POINTS
Glassjaw, Worship & Tribute28 POINTS
The Haunted, The Dead Eye28 POINTS
The Haunted, rEvolver28 POINTS
Himsa, Hail Horror28 POINTS
Symphony X, The Odyssey28 POINTS
System of a Down, Mezmerize/Hypnotize28 POINTS
Unearth, The Oncoming Storm28 POINTS
Immortal, Sons of Northern Darkness27 POINTS
Strapping Young Lad, Alien27 POINTS
Enslaved, Isa26 POINTS
Unsane, Blood Run26 POINTS
16, Bridges to Burn25 POINTS
Deftones, Deftones25 POINTS
Dir En Grey, Withering to Death24 POINTS
High on Fire, Death is this Communion24 POINTS
High on Fire, Surrounded by Thieves 24 POINTS
Poison the Well, You Come Before You24 POINTS
Children of Bodom, Follow the Reaper23 POINTS
Darkane, Insanity23 POINTS
God Forbid, Determination23 POINTS
Municipal Waste, Hazardous Mutation23 POINTS
Nile, Black Seeds of Vengeance 23 POINTS
Pig Destroyer, Terrifyer23 POINTS
Protest the Hero, Fortress23 POINTS
Russian Circles,  Enter23 POINTS
Soilwork, Chain Heart Machine23 POINTS
Unsane, Visqueen23 POINTS
At the Drive-In, Relationship of Command22 POINTS
Avenged Sevenfold, City of Evil22 POINTS
God Forbid, IV: Constitution of Treason22 POINTS
Green Carnation,  Light Of Day… Day Of Darkness22 POINTS
Russian Circles,  Station22 POINTS
7 Angels 7 Plagues, Jhazymne’s Lullaby21 POINTS
Andrew W.K., I Get Wet –  21 POINTS
Behemoth, The Apostasy21 POINTS
Behemoth, Demigod21 POINTS
Behemoth,  Zos Kia Cultus21 POINTS
Crotchduster, Big Fat Box of Shit21 POINTS
The Crown, Possessed 1321 POINTS
Deathspell Omega, Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum21 POINTS
Drudkh, Autumn Aurora21 POINTS
The Hope Conspiracy, Endnote21 POINTS
Intronaut, Void21 POINTS
Katatonia, Last Fair Deal Gone Down21 POINTS
Krallice, Krallice21 POINTS
Meshuggah, Catch 3321 POINTS
Muse, Absolution 21 POINTS
Nasum, Helvete21 POINTS
Pain of Salvation, Remedy Lane 21 POINTS
Scar Symmetry, Holographic Universe21 POINTS
Sunn O))), Flight of the Behemoth21 POINTS
The Sword, The Sword21 POINTS
Thrice, The Alchemy Index Vol 121 POINTS
The Austerity Program, Black Madonna20 POINTS
Deathspell Omega, Kenose20 POINTS
Every Time I Die, Gutter Phenomenon20 POINTS
Jesu, Jesu20 POINTS
Judas Priest, Angel of Retribution20 POINTS
King Diamond, The Puppet Master 20 POINTS
Municipal Waste, The Art of Partying20 POINTS
Porcupine Tree, Lightbulb Sun20 POINTS
Satanic Warmaster – Carelian Satanist Madness20 POINTS
Satyricon, Volcano20 POINTS
Becoming the Archetype, Terminate Damnation19 POINTS
Necrophagist, Epitaph19 POINTS
Bloodbath, Nightmares Made Flesh19 POINTS
Dark New Day, Twelve Year Silence19 POINTS
Extol, Undeceived19 POINTS
Eyehategod, Preaching the End Time Message19 POINTS
Torche, Torche19 POINTS
Tragedy, Tragedy19 POINTS
Forever is Forgotten, The Architecture is Still Burning19 POINTS
Helmet, Size Matters19 POINTS
Deathspell Omega, Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum19 POINTS
Dying Fetus, Destroy the Opposition 19 POINTS
Shining, IV: The Eerie Cold19 POINTS
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Of Natural History19 POINTS
Weakling, Dead as Dreams19 POINTS
Amesoeurs, Ruines Humaines18 POINTS
Chimaira, Pass Out of Existence18 POINTS
Corrosion of Conformity, America’s Volume Dealer18 POINTS
Darkest Hour, Deliver Us18 POINTS
Deadwater Drowning, Deadwater Drowning18 POINTS
Deathspell Omega, Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice18 POINTS
From Autumn to Ashesh, Holding a Wolf by the Ears18 POINTS
Genghis Tron, Board Up the House18 POINTS
Soilent Green, Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down18 POINTS
Swallow the Sun, The Morning Never Came18 POINTS
This is Hell, Sundowning18 POINTS
Three, The End Is Begun 18 POINTS
Type O Negative, Life is Killing Me18 POINTS
Orthrelm, Ov18 POINTS
Rotting Christ,  Theogonia18 POINTS
Heaven and Hell, The Devil You Know18 POINTS
Isis, Celestial18 POINTS
Marduk, World Funeral18 POINTS
Kingdom of Sorrow, Kingdom of Sorrow18 POINTS
Into Eternity, Buried in Oblivion – 18 POINTS
Dimmu Borgir,  Deathcult Armageddon18 POINTS
Benea Reach, Alleviat17 POINTS
Between the Buried and Me, Alaska17 POINTS
Blind Guardian, A Night at the Opera17 POINTS
Blut Aus Nord, The Work Which Transforms God17 POINTS
Witchcraft, The Alchemist17 POINTS
Cradle of Filth, Midian17 POINTS
Crowbar, Sonic Excess in its Purest Form17 POINTS
The Darkness, Permission to Land17 POINTS
Coffins, Buried Death17 POINTS
The Crown, Deathrace King17 POINTS
Insomnium, Above the Weeping World17 POINTS
Shadows Fall, Fallout from the War 17 POINTS
Superjoint Ritual, A Lethal Dose of American Hatred17 POINTS
Testament, First Strike Deadly Strike17 POINTS
Overcast, Reborn to Kill Again17 POINTS
Darkthrone, The Cult is Alive17 POINTS
Fistula, For a Better Tomorrow 17 POINTS
Grand Magus, Iron Will – 17 POINTS
Devin Townsend,  Terria17 POINTS
Wolves in the Throne Room, Diadem of 12 Stars 17 POINTS
Amon Amarth, With Oden on Our Side16 POINTS
Blut Aus Nord, Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With the Stars16 POINTS
Norma Jean, The Anti Mother16 POINTS
Oxbox, The Narcotic Story16 POINTS
Norma Jean, Redeemer16 POINTS
The Sword, Age of Winters16 POINTS
Vital Remains, Dechristianize16 POINTS
The Red Chord, Clients16 POINTS
Obscura, Cosmogenesis16 POINTS
Bolt Thrower, Those Once Loyal16 POINTS
Cavalera Conspiracy, Inflikted16 POINTS
Death, Live in LA16 POINTS
Exodus, The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A 16 POINTS
Cult of Luna, Somewhere Along the Highway16 POINTS
Disfear, Live the Storm16 POINTS
Watain, Casus Luciferi16 POINTS
Archgoat, Whore of Bethlehem15 POINTS
The Agony Scene, The Darkest Red15 POINTS
Battle of Mice, A Day of Nights15 POINTS
Blotted Science, The Machinations of Dementia15 POINTS
Blut Aus Nord, Mort15 POINTS
Darkest Hour, Undoing Ruin15 POINTS
Decapitated, The Negation15 POINTS
Despised Icon, Ills of Modern Man15 POINTS
Nachtmystium, Instinct: Decay15 POINTS
Old Man Gloom, Christmas15 POINTS
Nadja, Radiance of Shadows15 POINTS
Queens of the Stone Age, Lullabies to Paralyze15 POINTS
Doomriders, Black Thunder15 POINTS
Draconian, Where Lovers Mourn15 POINTS
Disfear, Misanthropic Generation15 POINTS
Thrice, Vheissu15 POINTS
Taint, The Ruin of Nova Roma15 POINTS
Dark Fortress, Eidolon –  15 POINTS
A Life Once Lost, Hunter 14 POINTS
Agalloch, Ashes Against the Grain 14 POINTS
Clutch, Pure Rock Fury 14 POINTS
Coliseum, No Salvation14 POINTS
Misery Signals, Of Malice and Magnum Heart14 POINTS
Snapcase, Designs for Automotion14 POINTS
Necrophagist, Onset of Putrefaction14 POINTS
Samothrace, Life’s Trade14 POINTS
Poison the Well, Tear from the Red14 POINTS
Queens of the Stone Age, Rated R14 POINTS
Seemless, Seemless14 POINTS
Porcupine Tree, Fear of a Blank Planet –  14 POINTS
Nile, In Their Darkened Shrines 14 POINTS
Pelican, Australasia14 POINTS
Dark Tranquility, Character14 POINTS
Kayo Dot,  Choirs of the Eye14 POINTS
Enslaved,  Ruun14 POINTS
Floor, Floor14 POINTS
Spiral Architect, A Sceptic’s Universe14 POINTS
Devin Townsend, Ziltoid14 POINTS
Today is the Day, Sadness Will Prevail14 POINTS
Starkweather, Croatoan14 POINTS
He is Legend, Suck Out the Poison14 POINTS
Dark Tranquility, Fiction14 POINTS
Zozobra, Harmonic Tremors14 POINTS
Aborted, Goremageddon13 POINTS
Avenged Sevenfold, Waking the Fallen13 POINTS
Boris, Flood13 POINTS
Breather Resist, Charmer13 POINTS
Dillinger Escape Plan, Irony is a Dead Scene13 POINTS
Fall of Troy,  Doppelganger13 POINTS
Melechesh, Emissaries13 POINTS
Nasum, Human 2.013 POINTS
Nasum, Shift13 POINTS
Neurorsis, Given to the Rising13 POINTS
Salome, Salome13 POINTS
Satyricon, Now Diabolical13 POINTS
Septic Flesh, Communion13 POINTS
Slayer, God Hates Us All13 POINTS
Porcupine Tree, In Absentia –  13 POINTS
Spineshank, The Height of Callousness13 POINTS
Underoath, Lost in the Sound of Separation13 POINTS
Underoath, The Changing of Times13 POINTS
*shells, Sea of the Dying Dhow13 POINTS
Tombs, Winter Hours13 POINTS
Gorguts, From Wisdom to Hate 13 POINTS
Cannibal Corpse, Evisceration Plague13 POINTS
Chimaira, Chimaira13 POINTS
Darkane, Layers of Lies13 POINTS
Dream Theater, Train of Thought13 POINTS
The End, Elementary13 POINTS
Young Widows, Old Wounds13 POINTS
Arsis, We Are the Nightmare12 POINTS
The Banner, Each Breath Haunted12 POINTS
Bloodbath, The Fathomless Mastery12 POINTS
Cathedral, Endtyme12 POINTS
Children of Bodom, Blooddrunk12 POINTS
Spylacopa, Spylacopa12 POINTS
Swallow the Sun, Hope12 POINTS
Goatwhore, The Eclipse of Ages into Black12 POINTS
Hate Eternal, I, Monarch12 POINTS
Job For A Cowboy, Doom –  12 POINTS
Dead to Fall, Villainy and Virtue 12 POINTS
Dragonforce, Inhuman Rampage – 12 POINTS
Dream Theater, Six Degrees of Seperation12 POINTS
Earthless, Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky12 POINTS
The Melvins, Nude with Boots12 POINTS
Slayer, Christ Illusion12 POINTS
Warbringer, War Without End12 POINTS
Woe, A Spell for the Death of Man12 POINTS
Amon Amartha, Twilight of the Thunder God 11 POINTS
Byzantine, The Fundamental Component11 POINTS
Boris, Smile11 POINTS
Children of Bodom, Hate Crew Deathroll11 POINTS
Daath, The Concealers11 POINTS
Dagon, Paranormal Ichthyology –  11 POINTS
Diabolical Masquerade, Death’s Design 11 POINTS
Down to Nothing, Splitting Headache11 POINTS
Evergreen Terrace, Wolfbiker11 POINTS
God Forbid, Gone Forever11 POINTS
Immolation, Close to a World Below11 POINTS
Leviathan, Massive Conspiracy Against All Life11 POINTS
Mudvayne, LD 5011 POINTS
Naglfar, Pariah11 POINTS
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Grand Opening and Closing11 POINTS
Soilwork, Figure #511 POINTS
Suffocation, Suffocation 11 POINTS
Terror, Lowest of the Low11 POINTS
Testament, The Gathering11 POINTS
Thursday, Full Coverage 11 POINTS
Watch Them Die, Watch Them Die11 POINTS
Yakuza, Way of the Dead11 POINTS
Akercocke, Words That Go Unspoken…10 POINTS
The Black Dahlia Murder, Unhallowed10 POINTS
The Bronx, The Bronx10 POINTS
Cold, 13 Ways to Bleed Onstage10 POINTS
Deftones, Saturday Night Wrist10 POINTS
Demon Hunter, Demon Hunter10 POINTS
Evile, Enter the Grave10 POINTS
Fear Before the March of Flames, The Always Open Mouth10 POINTS
Job for a Cowboy, Genesis 10 POINTS
Medeia, Cult10 POINTS
Motorhead, We Are Motorhead10 POINTS
Pelican, City of Echoes10 POINTS
Phobia, Cruel10 POINTS
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, In Glorious Times10 POINTS
The Sword, Gods of the Earth10 POINTS
Sunn O))), Black One10 POINTS
Soilent Green, Inevitable Collapse…10 POINTS
The Faceless, Planetary Duality9 POINTS
Abigail Williams, Legends9 POINTS
Big Business, Head for the Shallow9 POINTS
Blacklisted, Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God9 POINTS
Discordance Axis, The Inalieable Dreamless – 9 POINTS
Genghis Tron, Dead Mountain Mouth9 POINTS
Goatwhore, Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun9 POINTS
God Forbid, Earthsblood – 9 POINTS
The Haunted, Made Me Do It 9 POINTS
Lostprophets, Start Something9 POINTS
Mercenary, Eleven Dreams9 POINTS
Motorhead, Inferno9 POINTS
Regurgitate, Deviant9 POINTS
Devin Townsend, Physicist9 POINTS
Weedeater, God Luck and Good Speed 9 POINTS
Yob, Elaborations of Carbon9 POINTS
ASG, Win Us Over8 POINTS
Amorphis, Am Universum8 POINTS
Anaal Nathrakh, The Codex Necro8 POINTS
At All Cost, Circle of Demons8 POINTS
Blut Aus Nord, Memoria Vetusta I: Dialogue with the Stars8 POINTS
Boris, Pink8 POINTS
Dalek, Absence8 POINTS
Dead Man, Euphoria8 POINTS
Hella, There is No 666 in Outer Space 8 POINTS
Horrorpops, Bring it On8 POINTS
Jesu, Silver8 POINTS
Keep of Kalessin, Armada8 POINTS
Living Sacrifice, The Hammering Process8 POINTS
Marduk, Warschau8 POINTS
Motorhead, Motorizer8 POINTS
Trap Them, Seizures in Barren Praise 8 POINTS
Amon Amarth, Versus the World 7 POINTS
Between the Buried and Me, Between the Buried and Me7 POINTS
Black Cobra, Bestial7 POINTS
Bloodsimple, A Cruel World7 POINTS
Byzantine, …And they Shall Take Up Serpents –  7 POINTS
Dissection, Reinkaus7 POINTS
Eighteen Visions, Vanity7 POINTS
Eluveitie,  Slania 7 POINTS
Graveyard, Graveyard7 POINTS
Impiety, Paramount Evil7 POINTS
Lacuna Coil, Karmacode7 POINTS
Megadeth, The System Has Failed7 POINTS
Mesuggah, I7 POINTS
Mnemic, The Audio Injected Soul – 7 POINTS
Monster Magnet, God Says No – 7 POINTS
Norma Jean, Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child7 POINTS
Odious Mortem, Devouring the Prophecy7 POINTS
Pelican, The Fire in Our Throats…7 POINTS
Remembering Never, God Save Us7 POINTS
The Acacia Strain, Continent6 POINTS
Bestial Holocaust, Final Extermination6 POINTS
Chevelle, Wonder What’s Next6 POINTS
Dark Tranquility, Damage Done6 POINTS
Death Breath, Stinking Up the Night6 POINTS
Decrepit Birth, …And Time Begins6 POINTS
Horrorpops, Hell Yeah6 POINTS
Isis, Mosquito Control6 POINTS
Scarve, Irradiant6 POINTS
The Showdown, Temptation Come My Way6 POINTS
Slipknot, All Hope is Gone6 POINTS
Spawn of Possession, Cabinet6 POINTS
Strapping Young Lad, SYL6 POINTS
Stuck Mojo, Declaration of a Headhunter6 POINTS
3 Inches of Blood, Fire Up the Blades5 POINTS
Boy Sets Fire, After the Eulogy5 POINTS
Children of Bodom, Hatebreder– 5 POINTS
Cormorant, Metazoa5 POINTS
Darkest Hour, So Sedated, So Secure5 POINTS
Demiricous, Two (Poverty)5 POINTS
Dream Theater, Live Scenes from a Memory – 5 POINTS
Every Time I Die, Last Night in Town5 POINTS
Exit Strategy, United States of Amnesia5 POINTS
Exodus, Shovel Headed Kill Machine5 POINTS
Ihsahn, The Adversary5 POINTS
Keelhaul, Subject to Change Without Notice5 POINTS
Mustach, Lowlife Highlights5 POINTS
Neurosis, The Eye of Every Storm5 POINTS
Old Man’s Child, Revelation 6665 POINTS
Porcupine Tree, In Absentia5 POINTS
Psyopus, Ideas of Reference5 POINTS
Rammstein, Reise, Reise5 POINTS
Sigh, Imaginary Sonicscape5 POINTS
WASP, Unholy Terror5 POINTS
Acid Bath, Demos: 1993 – 1996 4 POINTS
Austrian Death Machine, Total Brutal4 POINTS
Bleeding Through, This is Love, This is Murderous4 POINTS
Cobalt, Eater of Birds 4 POINTS
Dark Funeral, Attera Totus Sanctus4 POINTS
Fuck the Facts, Disgorge Mexico4 POINTS
Hate Eternal, King of Kings4 POINTS
iwrestledabearonce, It’s All Happening4 POINTS
Judas Priest, Nostradamus4 POINTS
Killswitch Engage, As Daylight Dies 4 POINTS
Nightwish, Once4 POINTS
The Ocean, Precambrian4 POINTS
Old Man’s Child, Vermin4 POINTS
Origin, Antithesis4 POINTS
Torche, In Return4 POINTS
Tomahawk, Tomahawk4 POINTS
Velvet Revolver, Contraband4 POINTS
Insect Warfare, World Extermination4 POINTS
VOD, From Bliss to Devastation3 POINTS
Watain, Sworn to the Dark3 POINTS
Beatallica, Beatallica3 POINTS
Extol, Synergy3 POINTS
Gojira, The Link3 POINTS
Hammerfall, Renegade3 POINTS
Hate Eternal, Fury & Flames3 POINTS
The Holy Mountain, Enemies3 POINTS
Ihsahn, angL3 POINTS
Killing Joke, Killing Joke3 POINTS
Living Sacrifice, Conceived in Fire3 POINTS
Megadeth, United Abominations3 POINTS
Metallica, St. Anger 3 POINTS
Morbid Angel, Gateways to Annihilation3 POINTS
My Dying Bride, Songs of Darkness…3 POINTS
Opeth, Still Life3 POINTS
Sevendust, Next3 POINTS
Strapping Young Lad, The New Black3 POINTS
Soilwork, Predator’s Portrait 3 POINTS
Soulfly, Soulfly3 POINTS
Sunn O))), Whitel3 POINTS
Sybreed, Slave Design3 POINTS
Today is the Day, Kiss the Pig3 POINTS
Velnias, Sovereign Nocturnal3 POINTS
Weedeater, And Justice for Y’all3 POINTS
Wetnurse, Invisible City3 POINTS
36 Crazyfists, A Snow Capped Romance2 POINTS
Absu, Tara2 POINTS
Architects,  Hollow Crown2 POINTS
Bantam, Suicide Tourist2 POINTS
Burst, Origio2 POINTS
Dark Castle, Flight of the Pegasus2 POINTS
Everygrey, The Inner Circle2 POINTS
Horna, Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne 2 POINTS
Icepick, Distress Signal2 POINTS
Ministry, Animositisomina –  2 POINTS
Misery Index, Dissent2 POINTS
Order of the Ennead, Order of the Ennead2 POINTS
Ritual Day, Sky Lake2 POINTS
Virus, The Black Flux2 POINTS
War of Ages, Pride of the Wicked2 POINTS
Arch Enemy, Doomsday Machine1 POINT
Bad Brains, Build a Nation1 POINT
Birushanah,  Akai Yami 1 POINT
The Black Dahlia Murder, Miasma1 POINT
Chimaira, Resurrection1 POINT
Chthonic, Seediq Bale1 POINT
Embodyment, The Narrow Scope of Things1 POINT
Facedowninshit, NPON1 POINT
Fantomas, The Director’s Cut1 POINT
Godflesh, Hymns1 POINT
Gorefest, La Muerte1 POINT
H.I.M., Love Metal1 POINT
Iced Earth, Horror Show1 POINT
In Flames, Soundtrack to Your Escape 1 POINT
Isis, In The Absence of Truth1 POINT
Kreator, Enemy of God1 POINT
Meatjack, Days of Fire 1 POINT
Madball, The Best of Madball1 POINT
Nattefrost, Blood & Vomit1 POINT
Negativa, Negativa1 POINT
Nora, Dreamers and Deadmen1 POINT
Psychostick, Sandwich1 POINT
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Buried in the Front Yard1 POINT
Textures, Polars –  1 POINT
Voodoo Kungfu, Ci An1 POINT


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EJ Johantgen, Prosthetic Records
Kim Kelly, Metal Injection
/Hails & Horns/Freelance Journalist
Josh “The J” Key, Psychostick
Jason Lekberg, Epic Records
Eyal Levi, Daath
Bob Lugowe, Relapse Records
Matt McChesney, The Autumn Offering
Jake McReynolds,
Marc Meltzer, The Syndicate
Josh Middleton, Sylosis
Matt Moore, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder
Vince Neilstein, MetalSucks
Sammy O’Hagar, MetalSucks
Anton OyVey, MetalSucks/Bacon Jew
Rob Pasbani, Metal Injection

Alex Preiss, Psychostick
Carlos Ramirez, NoiseCreep/Universal Music Group
Brian Rocha, Fresno Media USA
Jeremy Rosen, Roadrunner Records
Axl Rosenberg, MetalSucks
Satan Rosenbloom, MetalSucks/Cerebral Metalhead
David Bee Roth, MetalSucks
Jason Rudolph, Heavy Hitter, Inc.

Amy Sciarretto, Roadrunner Records/NoiseCreep
Carl Severson, Ferret Music/Channel Zero Entertainment
Gary Suarez, MetalSucks/No Yoko No/Brainwashed
Geoff Summers, The End Records/Crustcake
Bram Teitelman, The Syndicate/Metal Insider
Alisha Turull, Heavy Hitter, Inc.
Christopher R. Weingarten, 1000TimesYes/Freelance Journalist

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