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  • Axl Rosenberg

After last week’s announcement that ex-Himsa axeman Matt Wicklund would be playing with God Forbid on this summer’s Mayhem Fest and that God Forbid’s Doc Coyle would be filling in on bass for Trivium for at least one show, I expressed interest in hearing from any readers who caught the gig.

Well, one of you, Ryan Wineman, did indeed e-mail me over the weekend. Here’s his report:


As an attendee of the Mayhem show in Sacramento and a reader of your request to see how Wicklund’s live debut with God Forbid went, as well as how Doc filling in on bass for Trivium went, I decided to respond.

Wicklund on stage seemed a little awkward, but it was his first time on stage with them, so I assumed it was just going to take a little bit of time for him and the rest of the band to find their groove on stage. Byron introduced him as a new member, and he got a big cheer from the crowd, so he is getting props from the listeners at least. I’ve seen God Forbid 3 times, once with Dallas, Norris, and now with Wicklund, and of the two replacements, I think Wicklund fit in with the band better than Norris did.

As for Doc and Trivium, I don’t think it could have gone much better. Doc just rocked it on stage, and even gave a little boost to the stage presence. Doc looked like he was having a fantastic time, and he did an awesome job on bass. While this 2 line little blurb on his performance may seem short, but I really don’t think too much more is necessary, ’cause he fuckin rocked it.


So, there ya have it. It seems to be all good in the GF camp.

I am curious about Byron introducing Wicklund as a “new member.” Is Wicklund in for good? I guess we’ll see what the future holds…


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