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  • Axl Rosenberg

SLAYER - 2009

Let’s cut right to the quick: there’s a new Slayer song, the snappily titled “Hate Worldwide,” which you can listen to here. My first impression of the track, which was written by Kerry King, is that it’s an awfully good Slayer song, although not as good as “Psychopathy Red,” which blew the fucking flesh off of my face the very first time I heard it. Still, that’s an evil fucking riff in this new track, so it even if I think its the inferior of the two, it doesn’t exactly take the wind out of my sails in terms of my high, high hopes for the new Slayer album, World Painted Blood.

There will be a limited edition CD single of the “Hate Worldwide” available as of tomorrow, July 28… but only at Hot Topic.

Normally that might irk me, but this is 2009; if you’re  a tr00 completist, I’m sure you can easily purchase that shit on Ebay, and if you just want the song, well, I’m sure it will be floating around these here interwebs within the next few hours.

This is a pretty sweet way to start my morning. I’ll tell you what would be even sweeter, though: if World Painted Blood would get a friggin’ official release date already. What gives?


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