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behemoth - evangelionWe’ve been rocking Behemoth’s Evangelion for a few weeks here at the Mansion; it has quickly found its way into our regular rotation. It deathier, br00tler, techier, and lots of other “ier” words I just made up than any prior Behemoth release, which must be why Vince and I dig it so much more than any prior Behemoth release.

Now the album is streaming, in its entirety, on the group’s MySpace page. You should listen to it. Not only is it awesome, but because its release is still more than a week away… or, at least, here in the US, where it comes out August 11 on Metal Blade (Nuclear Blast will release it a few days earlier, on August 7, in Europe).

Also, Nergal is apparently shtupping the Polish Britney Spears (I know, I know, who knew Brit Brit could get any stupider?), and while I’d like to judge him for that, I’d probably fuck her, too. So there’s that.


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