rob flynnUncle Vinnie is back; under a moon-lit sky at Saturday night’s Tool show in New Jersey, Axl and I had “a moment” and kissed and made up.

Seriously though, folks, I was just on vacation at the MetalSucks Mansion Kentucky Korner. Did some of you ninnies actually believe I quit?

Wouldn’t be surprising given all the feuding that’s gone down in metal this summer already, though, and we haven’t even reported on the tummy-tickling beef between Machine Head and Limp Bizkit.

The short version: Machine Head got all pissy when Limp Bizkit were announced as a late add to the UK Sonisphere festival, appearing directly after Machine Head, and subsequently pulled out of the event. Days before the event, a “secret guest” was announced by the festival which Rob Flynn confirmed to be Machine Head via a post on MH’s message board in which he also promised to “crush” Limp Bizkit. LB’s DJ Lethal struck back via Twitter and things have since escalated into a Dillinger vs. Disturbed-esque war of Internet words. Fun!

Anyone who’s even glanced at MetalSucks before knows where our allegiances with the aforementioned bands lie; but seriously, are Machine Head being complete dicks or what? If it’s really all about the fans, as Rob Flynn claimed, then he wouldn’t have thrown a hissy fit and pulled out of the festival in the first place. Be it as it may that Limp Bizkit sucks absolute donkey balls I can understand his anger at their higher billing, but guess what? Limp Bizkit has sold more records than Machine Head. WAY more. So be a professional, be a man, and just suck it up and go play your show. The fans will make their choice. No drama necessary.

Did I just side with Limp Bizkit? Woah. DJ Lethal is a complete putz for adding fuel to the fire, but otherwise you really have to say that Limp Bizkit’s taken the high road here. Fred Durst said he’s a fan of the band and Lethal even wore an MH shirt on stage. Rob Flynn is still talking smack. Hmmm.


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