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bluerecordWhile we were at the Mayhem Festival on Friday, the Internet metal community collectively shit its pants over the brand new Baroness track the band posted on their MySpace page. The “track,” which is in fact the first and second track of their new album Blue Record combined into one, is the first we’ve heard from Baroness since 2007’s Red Record, but it seems like it’s been much longer than two years — amirite? It feels like we’ve been waiting for new Baroness forever.

So head on over to the Baroness MySpace page and get some “Bullhead’s Psalm” and “The Sweetest Curse.” It’s what you’ve come to expect and hope for from Baroness; circular, major-key riffs fueled by down-tuned punk ferocity, stoner metal noodling with prog overtones, and John Baizley (whose beautiful album artwork, previewed at right, you can see in full here) screaming his lungs out on top of it. Not for nothing, it sounds a whole lot less like Mastodon, which I think is a good thing for Baroness.

The record drops October 13th. Pre-order it at the Relapse Shop.


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