Rampant Rumors


  • Axl Rosenberg


We got to interview Tom Araya at Mayhem this past Friday, and once we got past the initial fanboy “HOLY SHIT IT’S TOM ARAYA PEE” shakes, I think we actually got some pretty decent questions in – including asking Mr. Araya when the Slayer/Megadeth tour that’s already played Canada and will soon be decimating Australia and New Zealand is coming to America. His response?

He’s lucky we did the Canadian one.”

The “he” Araya was referring to is Dave Mustaine – so it’s good to see that there’s no love lost there. Still, Araya also told us that he didn’t even know about the tour Down Under until he read about it on the internet – not that being out of the loop seemed to bother him. His attitude was pretty much “You tell me when to be there, and I’ll show up and do my job.”

So when Dave Lombardo tells an interviewer that “there are rumors going around that we might be doing something in the States with Mustaine,” it’s not shocking to me that Araya didn’t mention it to us – he probably doesn’t even know about it.

Regardless, I hope Lombardo is right – this tour would be a full-on, honest to Antichrist event, and despite any bad blood that may be lingering between the two bands, it sounds like the shows that have already occured were a real success. So I’ll be over here in the corner, holding my breath…


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