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BiohazardThe intrepid Sergeant D. of Metal Inquisition has published an in-depth look at Biohazard, a brand new band out of Brooklyn that the MetalSucks Mansion inhabitants all agree you should check out. Says Mr. D.:

They seem like cool guys who like to have fun, but I feel like they’re trying a little hard to do the whole Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust thing. I mean they’re definitely good at it, but the thing is that they take it a little too far. In order for it to be funny, it has to be a little bit believable, you know? We talked about this in my “Entertainment Business” class the other day: If all you do is combine every ridiculous cliche from crossover fashion into your characters, it’s too much. You have to use some restraint or you just end up looking like a cartoon. Overkill, Toxik, and Xentrix are much better at doing the retro-thrash thing without going over the top.

True words. Check out the entire post at Metal Inquisition.


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