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Just a few weeks ago a friend and I were wondering aloud about the status of Full Blown Chaos. I really enjoyed the band’s 2007 release, Heavy Lies the Crown, and the interview I did with front man Ray Mazzola is still one of my favorites (Ray is, no joke, a master orator, and he has some crazy fucking stories).

But in the past year or so, Full Blown Chaos seemed to have disappeared. Then Mazzola turned up on Twitter recently; and now we’ve gotten a press release announcing the band’s plans to come back big-time, with a new album to drop sometime in 2010.

In said release, Mazzola explains the band’s recent absence from the scene as being the result of “personal loses and major deaths in all of our families,” which is a valid excuse if ever there was one. He also announces that band has now evolved from a quartet to a quintet:

“Being a five-piece now has its benefits, and we are fine tuning it all. This record is going to decimate everything we have released to date, and beat the piss out of the bullshit being praised today. It’s not enough to step up to the plate and contend for individuality, you need to knock it out of the park and show everyone what the fuck is up.”

Honestly, I’m just happy to have FBC back making music, where they belong. Mazzola is the kind of guy who uses heavy music to exercise his demons. If these past couple of years have been that rough for the dude, I’m willing to bet it’ll all just fuel Full Blown Chaos’ best album yet.


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