• Axl Rosenberg


So in case ya didn’t hear, Dimmu Borgir fired their bassist/clean vocalist, ICS Vortex, and their keyboard player, Mustis, over the weekend. Well, I guess technically the band “parted ways” with those members, but by all accounts, it wasn’t a break-up reached by mutual decision.

To wit: Mustis briefly changed his MySpace status to “betrayed” before revealing this little nugget of information:

“My departure was not entirely of my own accord and while I had felt this change was something imminent for my future, my time had been spent addressing the fact that many songs written by me had not been registered properly under my name in their credits… My inquiries and investigation into the issues which I wished to resolve and move on from would in the end find me being fired from the group. No discussions about it, just ‘goodbye’ (via text message).”

Firings by text message? Grievances aired via MySpace mood? Is Dimmu Borgir a fucking black metal band, or the goddamned motherfucking Babysitter’s Club? I know that the Hot Topic crowd has been the band’s bread and butter lately, but that doesn’t mean that they have to start behaving like pre-menstrual girls.

I tried to reach the band for comment on all of this nonsense, but apparently Shagrath was too busy braiding Silenoz’s hair to respond.


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