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You know how your parents always used to tell you to do things against your will “because I said so!”? And how you refused, but you realized years later that they were right? Listen to Revocation, NOW. Because I said so.

We likee Boston young guns Revocation ’round these parts. So much so that I actually just pre-ordered their new album Existence is Futile (out Sept 29) with a sweet t-shirt. Guys, I can’t even remember the last time I bought a CD. I think it was the time I went to buy Chinese Democracy on release day just to satisfy the itch for the nostalgiac ritual of doing so. That purchase didn’t pan out quite as I’d hoped, but I have no doubt that this one will because I’ve already heard the album, and the t-shirt is just the icing on the cake.

Revocation have a 3rd new track called “Anthem of the Betrayed” posted on their MySpace page; of the tracks posted so far, it’s by far the most representative of what Existence is Futile as a whole is all about, and it’s also the best yet. Listen to that track, watch the new studio webisode posted below (I always find vocal tracking fascinating), then pre-order the record. Because I said so.

Be on the lookout for a sweet MetalSucks-sponsored Revocation tour this fall.


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