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If you read this site regularly, then you’re probably aware that we are constantly confused by the difference between wigger slam and deathcore. Even after our own Satan Rosenbloom explained it to me and I spent time listening to bands that Metal Inquistion‘s Sergeant D and Decibel agree are slam bands, I still can’t really tell the difference. At the risk of sounding like my old man, I really just can’t hear much difference between Devourment and Oceano. Sorry.

Luckily, the aforementioned Sergeant D – pretty much metal’s leading authority on wigger slam – has discovered a joke slam band band, Slamburglars, and in a Metal Inquisition interview, we get both name dropped and educated in the differences between the two genres:

The guys over at MetalSucks are old and out of touch. They don’t see the difference between deathcore and wigger slam. I’m sure you’ll agree that, say, Suicide Silence and Infernal Revulsion couldn’t be more different, so can you explain it to them here, just so they know?

I could write a fucking book about this topic. Deathcore is death metal influenced metalcore. Metalcore fans are sissies (obviously) therefore deathcore fans are sissies. Wigger Slam is wigger influenced Slam Death Metal. Wiggers are sissies (obviously) but they steal parts of African-American culture in an attempt to hide that fact. They must not know shit about music. Deathcore is centered around “breakdowns”, which are generally mono-tone staccato patterns of sixteenth notes, showing rhythmic variation contrary to melodic variation. Wigger Slam is centered around “slams”, which are simplified breakdowns which usually consist of a combination of quarter notes and eighth notes and usually only utilize the first 4 frets of the guitar. Old-school style slams, such as those of Dying Fetus, Soils of Fate, and Internal Bleeding, often have melody and sometimes are in major keys. If you still don’t get it, then you should just go join Waking The Cadaver.

Ohhh- kay… so deathcore is centered around breakdowns, and wigger slam is centered around “slams,” which are… simplified, allegedly more melodic breakdowns. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up, wigga.

I guess I’ll post my tour schedule as the latest member of Waking the Cadaver when I get it.

Read the rest of the interview here.


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