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gwar oderus urungusGwar’s Oderus Urungus is back for another round of Ask Oderus. Now’s your chance to ask everyone’s favorite Scumdogian the questions that have been burning holes in your mind; “Why haven’t you slaughtered ICP and all the Juggalos yet?” “Do you like fish sticks?” “Is it fair the singer from Anthrax got fired for shitting on the bass player’s back? Don’t you regularly give Cleveland steamers to Jizmak?” These are all questions that Oderus has answered before for you, the MetalSucks faithful.

So what’ll it be? Ask Oderus by leaving a comment, and check back next week for his majesty’s answers.

In the meantime, check out Gwar’s intergalacticly awesome new video for “Let Us Slay” and Oderus’ appearance on Opie & Anthony.

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