Not Quite Metal?



atom smashWhen I received an email boasting that “Miami-based rock band” Atom Smash would be in NYC, I was not expecting to like them. At all. But I clicked the link anyway, because I have a sick compulsion to listen to every single thing that comes through the MetalSucks Mansion inbox and mailbox… and I was delighted to find a decent, straight up modern rock band. No folks, this is not metal in the slightest, and it could easily be played on the radio alongside all sorts of bands we hate, but somehow it’s way better than Breaking Benjamin, Rev Theory or any of those other shit bands. Yeah, the band’s name is kind of silly (as if all metal band names aren’t?) and the singer’s a borderline yarler… but shit, this band is good! As in, good songs… remember those? Certainly, no one in this band’s gonna outshred Yngwie and no one’s trying to invent the wheel, but that ain’t the point.

If it were like 2003 I would’ve been all over this band. Atom Smash really remind me of the band Magna-Fi that made waves ripples around that time. Anyone remember them? They played the second stage of Ozzfest one year.

So if you’d like a break from Br00tal-O’s cereal today, give Atom Smash a shot.


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