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Your reputation precedes you. It’s a blessing and a curse. I know that there are some circles that know me as being a complete ass, and they’ve done their part to spread that about me. When I’ve encountered people they’ve spread the good word about me to, I’m usually met with “Wow, I didn’t realize you were actually cool to hang out with.” Or stuff of that sort. I’m referring to cliques from when I was in high school ranging to some people I know now. I also have positive things that are spread about me ,and it still hits me by surprise when there are positive expectations due to someone’s word of mouth about me. Positive or negative, it’s strange to me that some people have any pre-conceived notions about me. I should just get used to it.

But I’m sure that you guys have felt the same things in your lives. If you don’t live in a cave, or are not stuck in your mom’s basement playing W.O.W. 24/7, then you make your mark on the world. Whether it’s on an international level or just your small group of social and work peers or school or whatever it may be, you make your mark. You affect people. And people talk about you to each other. To what degree will always vary according to all the different social variables unique to your situation.

I realize that this is just part of life, and therefore try to extend people the benefit of the doubt when first getting to know them. Some people I meet have quite the amazing reputations, from allegedly being the greatest dudes all the way to allegedly being the biggest dicks. Recently I met someone I had heard about for years. Everyone said that he was just chill as fuck to be around, always did what he was supposed to do, and just ruled at life. Well, they were right. This person’s reputation preceded him, and it turned out to be accurate. That’s always cool. Then there’s another dude who I’ve heard from sooooo many people that he’s an egotistical, shit-starting prick.

When I hear that about one dude from so many different people over the course of many years, it makes me wonder if all the hate is justified, or if people are just jumping on the hate bandwagon ’cause it’s fun. Let’s be honest, shit talking is fun. We all do it. It’s juicy. It’s easy to get carried away with it sometimes. And sometimes, it’s just not warranted. Like in cases where it seems like it’s just trendy to hate a certain individual, but you really don’t know why you hate them when you get down to being real about the situation.

I always try to find out if that’s the case when there’s a ton of shit talked about someone. Maybe they didn’t get along with ONE key person who then spread rumors about them, and the reputation stuck? You never know. That’s why I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Many times I’ve been surprised. I’ve made friends by extending the benefit of the doubt to outcasts.

So I guess I’ll just end this by saying what a bummer it is when you hear all the negative hype about someone, and then get to know them and realize that people weren’t talking shit. They were speaking the truth. Ya feel me?


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