A few weeks ago Skeletonwitch shot a video for the song “Repulsive Salvation” at Lucky 13 in Brooklyn, under the watchful eye of director David Brodsky. Vince got to go visit and have fun for awhile, and I didn’t, ’cause I’m a goober.

Lucky for me, though – and you! – our bestest friends, Metal Injection, also went, and, hey, guess what? They filmed the shit outta Brodsky filming the shit outta Skeletonwitch pretending to play the shit outta their instruments along to a recording of them actually playing the shit outta of their instruments. If that’s not meta enough for you, well, congratulations, you’re more sober than I am.

Skeletonwitch’s anus-ticklingly good Breathing the Fucking Fire (I might’ve added a word there) comes out October 13 on Prosthetic. We’ll have Bob Cock’s rave review up soon.


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