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MS Maniac John Devos tipped us off to the existence of Vivian Black, with whom I was previously unfamiliar. And, honestly, I feel deeply, deeply ashamed. For Ms. Black is a true artiste, a creative genius of the highest order. Her thinking is just on an whole other level from most people. We can barely comprehend the ways in which she is pushing the envelope.

Here’s some background of Ms. Black, from the bio on her official website, which identifies Vivian as a “Vocalist & Author,” “Actress,” “Proucer & Director,” “Author” (but not vocalist this time!), and “Occultist“:

Vivian Black, is a multifaceted artist: actress of the horror genre, female Metal solo singer, creator of black metal performances, composer, screenwriter, writer, artistic producer and director. A talented woman, whose potential has not been recognized by show business, nor by most of the public of her native country.

This website will clarify, for the first time, who Vivian Black really is; her attributes and virtues, her artistic work, her talent spread out one hundred per cent, her real aims, her mythical and enigmatic personality, and the limit between reality and fiction, the character (or not) of the addressed by many “Witch of metal”, “Princess of darkness”, “Black witch”, or “Satanic singer”.

Is your mind blown yet? No? Well how about now?

Or now?

Or now?

She’s incredible, right? And here I’ve been, wasting my time writing about bands like Gojira and Tool and Slayer, when the greatest thing ever to happen to music was just running around out there, being incredible and sexy and smart and funny and… oh, Vivian, I can’t live with you. Will you marry me?


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