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animosity break up

Animosity, largely revered as one of the best bands of their kind, are apparently throwing in the towel. A statement from vocalist Leo Miller to Lambgoat explains:

“You have never seen us rest this long. For those of you wondering about Animosity, you are correct to have assumed that we disbanded. It has been nearly a year since all five of us were in a room (or the same state) together. In this time, we have written zero songs and played zero shows. In short, nothing happened which I mean to say plainly and clearly. We are all still alive and friends, but following our last tour we just did nothing band related. Many of us grew up in this band, and for me personally, Animosity was somehow prioritized over everything including my very own life. This band formed our communities, relationships, experiences and the lens through which we view the world. Eight years later, I look back to being 14 years old playing Animosity shows in garages and backyards and I can honestly say that our musical and experiential goals have been exceeded in ways that once seemed impossible to me. If you haven’t gotten enough of Animosity, please rest assured that we have.

“This is not to say, that everyone is gone from music. In the time since our last show, Navene finished his spectacular debut solo album called Fleshrot – dementia/dyslexia. Navene wrote played and recorded all the music himself and features beastly vocals from Jonny Davy. Check out the project here and stay posted for album release info. Also, Navene has teamed up with Tosin Abasi and is drumming in their new band Animals As Leaders. Chase also has a new band called Son of Arelius from which you can expect a full-length album out soon. New music from Evan and Frank can be anticipated in various different forms. As for me, I moved out east to study the environment.

“To Animosity fans worldwide, thank you for doing this with us, it was an awesomely epic journey. Be well!”

I’m not a huge Animosity fan, but they were a good band and it sucks that they’re calling it quits.

Mourn by reading Sammy O’Hagar’s interview with Leo Miller from earlier this year.


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