• Axl Rosenberg

Meet Senor Bivins. I read about him this morning on Sergeant D’s Stuff You Will Hate. Bivins posts lots and lots and lots of videos of himself on YouTube doing those vocal covers of deathcore songs that we find so amusing here at the Mansion. And the Sarge is pissed because apparently Bivins gets a lot of pussy from doing it – or, at least, he gets to take photos of himself standing next to semi-cute scene girls making obscene gestures:


It’s not clear to me whether or not he’s actually fucking these chicks or what. If he is getting groupies without even being in a band, then, well, I guess that’s a whole new scam and maybe someday Neil Strauss will write a book about him or something.

ANYWAY, even more interesting is this video of him defending deathcore as “not scene.” Check it out:

So maybe I’m just as confused about what “scene” means as I am by the difference between slam and deathcore, but I always understood it to be synonymous with “trendy.” And deathcore is a trend. Like any trend, there are a lot of shitty bands to emerge from it, but I also think there are some really good ones – All Shall Perish, for example, are undeniably deathcore, but I think they’re fucking great. So while I’m not one of these people who wants to write deathcore off wholesale, I do still think it’s safe to say that deathcore is “scene.”

I also think it’s safe to say that Bivins is not that bright of a dude. He’s only like 21 or 22 years old, so maybe he’ll mature with age. But while we’re all waiting for that to happen, here he is covering Suicide Silence’s “Lifted.”


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