We’ve been hearing about “Until the Light Takes Us,” a documentary about the incarnation of black metal, for a long while now – but there’s finally a trailer and a theatrical release schedule.

And I gotta say, based on the trailer at least, the movie looks pretty amazing. Even if you don’t like black metal, there’s no denying that the story is fascinating; a bunch of kids basically set out to make the most extreme, theatrical music possible, and then took their little game of make-believe wwwaaaayyyy too far.

Actually, maybe you don’t find it fascinating. Maybe you just think these dudes are dicks.

ANYWAY, watch the trailer below (you can watch in high def here); there’s also a whole bunch of clips on YouTube. And if you go to the movie’s official website, you can see when/if it will be opening in your town. It looks like it starts rolling out in November.


Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us about this.

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