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Reader James Keglor sent us the following e-mail about the band The Sign of the Southern Cross:

“in case yall aint heard ov this band then check em out.  Especially check out the tune Purge, its really fuckin badass but the rest are kinda like Tera filler songs.  The dude sounds EXACTLY like Anselmo its insane like i wouldnt be surprised if Phil was actually the singer in secret.”

Although it’s clear that the singer wishes he were Phil Anselmo, I don’t think this band is anywhere near as good as Pantera. I also don’t think James should continue to spell “of” with a “v” more than once in any given e-mail, but that’s a personal decision that James has to make on his own.

Also… a confederate flag, fellas? Really?

If you feel so inclined, check out The Sign of the Southern Cross here, then share your opinions with James in the comments section below.


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