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For the sake of this poor kid’s humility, I’m going to omit his name. But holy hell, this is funny!

At 9:18pm last night we received the following email:

To whom it may concern,

I just received some information personally from Tracy Sanders of Mastodon. He had privelidged me with the title of their upcoming album. From his words, he stated that I was the first person outside of the members and label who know this.
He also forwarded me here to see if you were interested in this information.

I would be happy to arrange any sharing of information if you are interested.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon.

[name omitted]

Gotta love that Tracy Sanders of Mastodon and his “privelidged” information! Also, the best part is that the guy included his phone number in case we wanted to call!

So, exactly 35 minutes later we get a follow-up from the same dude:

nevermind i was scammed, wouldn’t want to lie.
thanks anyway.

I want to know what went down in those 35 minutes. Was this all part of some elaborate 6-month long scheme like the whole Chuck Biscuits death fiasco? Was his heart broken? Or was it just some idiot being duped in a chat room?

The Webernets. Gotta love ’em. TRACY SANDERS 4EVARR!


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