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  • Kip Wingerschmidt

PrimusBeer“BAD MONKEYS!!!”

I swear to god, I’ve been woken up so many fuckin days round here by one of the fast-growing number of MetalNotSoGood staff members uncontrollably exclaiming the above, or a far grouchier expletive….for you see, we are always stepping in shit around here — how could you not when there are so many goddamn monkeys bouncing about, flinging all sorts of rancid poo at each other?

However, it is we who be the monkeys today, and here’s why: I recently made the sad discovery that we have never, ever, ever (never) written a single gosh darn post on the totally nutso and crazily unique seminal band Primus.

For shame!!

bandI was never a kill-dead-die-hard fan of these guys the way that so many became, but there was no denying the sheer talent and originality oozing from every song the band ever played.

Led by uber-bass-maniac Les Claypool, Primus skated a fascinating line between funk and metal, but ultimately there’s no real categorization to be made — the band has always had a sound unique unto themselves.

Clearly Primus sucks even more than metal does.

Dog will hunt…

PRIMUS — “John the Fisherman”, from Suck on This (1989)

PRIMUS — “Too Many Puppies”, from Frizzle Fry (1990)

PRIMUS — “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver”, from Sailing the Seas of Cheese (1991)

PRIMUS — “My Name Is Mud”, from Pork Soda (1993)

Note: the above tunes were some of the band’s more popular singles; to truly experience the insanity that is Primus, one must delve deep into the plasma pit that is each album…..don’t be scared!!!  You can take a leak right here.

Vids after the jumpjumpjumpjump.


Here is the band rockin “Tommy the Cat” in 1995 in El Obeid, Sudan, for Prince Amhannadjin Rulfonsus’ birthday — now that’s a mouthful!!  And yes, obviously that’s what she said.

Or if you’d prefer a glossier multi-camera thing, check out this performance of the same song from Spring Break 1992:

While we’re checking out vids from way back when, here’s a live performance of “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver”:

And just for shits n poopies, here’s Primus playing the intro from a leel song called “Master of Puppets”:


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