Not Quite Metal?



danko jonesSometimes you just wanna rock. Sometimes you don’t want to think about manic time signatures, modes and modulations when you’re listening to music. Danko Jones — a Swedish Canadian rock band I admittedly don’t know much about — seem to understand that quite well. They’re all about the rocking.

Danko Jones have two songs streaming on their website; apparently they’re both from an album that was released in early 2008 so I’m way behind the ball here. Full disclosure; I only even decided to check this band out because they bought an ad campaign with us. But who cares? Dope bought an ad campaign with us too, and I’m 100% certain that no amount of money could ever make any of the MS staffers write good things about that band (except maybe Suarez when he’s feeling funny).

“Code of the Road” and “Sugar High” are two damn solid rock songs that I’ve listened to three times each already in the course of the past 2 hours. They’re kind of like a slightly mellowed out version of Deaf-era QOTSA… I likee much, enough so that I think I’ll go buy Never Too Loud right now.


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