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brian setzerRaise your hand if you don’t think Brian Setzer is a fucking bad ass.

Those with your hands raised please never visit this site again.

Everyone else, please click through for a Setzer Shred Session (and oh hey his Orchestra band has a new album out!).

Setzer is a God amongst guitar players as far as this humble writer is concerned. His work with the Stray Cats aside, the dude is not only an incredible musician but JUST SO FUCKING COOL! That hair and that big ol’ Gretsch make me wanna jump, jive and wail every time I catch site of them. Ow!

Before I get all shred on your ass, I’d like to let you all know that the Brian Setzer Orchestra has a new album out, Songs From Lonely Avenue. Supposedly inspired by film noir, the album features Setzer backed by a 15-piece orchestra on 13 brand new compositions.

Now that that’s over with… shred!

Killer solo to open this one up:

Dig the leads starting around 0:40… that’s right, DISTORTION IS FOR PUSSIES WHO NEED TO COVER UP THEIR FLAWED PLAYING!:

“Americano” live in Japan:

Setzer might not be metal, but the influences from which he draws most undoubtedly influenced many of today’s best metal guitar players. I’m sure there’s also a thesis to be drawn about how the rebellious spirit of Rockabilly is analogous to the rebellious spirit of metal… but this is a blog and you guys don’t care about shit like that. Go enjoy the Setzer videos above.


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