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Some unorganized observations about this video by Australian shredder lady Orianthi, sent to me by Zena Metal:

  • Is that a sequined PRS? Good lord! Hideous.
  • What’s with the guitar neck protruding out into all the shots? Is that an attempt to relate to the Guitar Hero generation? If so, how come none of it matches up with the song??
  • She can definitely play!
  • Nice dive bomb at the 3:00 mark.
  • Apparently she was to be Michael Jackson’s guitarist for his This Is It shows. Eddie Van Halen… Steve Stevens… Slash… Orianthi. Hmmm. That’s some pretty righteous company.
  • So many 12 year old dudes are going to have raging hard-ons for her. 12 year old Vince would’ve been ALL over this!
  • All things considered, this isn’t bad. It’s middle of the road guitar/power pop made for tweens. Even if not for the shred it’d still be alright. If kids are listening to this over Ashley Tisdale, that’s a step in the right direction. But hey, this coming from the guy who genuinely enjoyed Avril Lavigne’s first record… so don’t trust me too much.


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