Viral Vomit



An anonymous reader sent us the below fan-made video for Austrian Death Machine’s “Get to the Choppa.” Now, clearly, this is an instance of a fan with too much free time on his or her hands (Why don’t you do something productive, friend, like start a snarky blog where you make unnecessary, barely-qualified judgements on hard working musicians? Hm?), but it’s actually pretty cool so I thought I’d post it:

The reader who sent this in also made mention of Modern Warfare 2, but I just played through the campaign in that game and I’m still not entirely sure what the what this has to do with MW2. I think there was a level where I did indeed have to get to a choppa, but I was pretty high when I played it so I don’t remember so good. And I don’t know why I just shared that information, but whatever, I’m too lazy to hit “delete.”


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