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Norma Jean have been playing their excellent Bless Yo Mama and Kill the Chives (or whatever its called) in its entirety on their most recent tour, and I’m hopeful that re-living those songs night after night will give the band back some of the piss n’ vinegar they lost on their last two albums, Redeemer and The Anti Mother, both of which I thought were watered down and missing the sense of “What the fuck will they do next?” that made Bless and O God, the Aftermath so great.

That being said… they’ve also been playing a new song, “Kill More Presidents,” on this tour, and while the usual YouTube bootlegs are all I have to go on, they’re of fairly decent audio quality, and I don’t find the track encouraging. This sounds like more of the fairly typical metalcore stuff the band specialized in on those last two ho-hum outings.

Here’s the first video, which was originally posted on Blabbermouth. There’s another one after the jump. As usual, you can argue about the track in our comments section.


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