Apparently I’ve listened to Mutiny Within’s Roadrunner Records self-titled debut a whole lot because I’m already at that point where I hear the opening notes of the next song in my head the moment the prior song ends. iTunes tells me I’ve listened to the record’s second track “Images” 16 times already… yikers! I’m like a heart-broken high schooler (minus the heartbreak, minus the high school, plus a few gray hairs and a little bit of agita) listening to that song over and over again in my bedroom (minus the bedroom, plus the dilapidated MetalSucks Mansion flophouse).

So when Roadrunner sent us the final cut of the band’s very-first-ever music video this morning — for the album’s opening track “Awake” — after I watched I just had to follow it up with the rest of the record (hello listen #17 for “Images”). There really haven’t been very many metal records with mainstream appeal that I’ve really gotten into over the past couple of years, but Mutiny Within was an easy early favorite of mine for 2010 the first time I heard it a few months back. These fine New Jersey gentlemen (and a Brit who hilariously announces “We’re from New Jersey” at their live shows) are one of the best new bands being catapulted into the scene today, America’s non-cheesy answer to so much Euro power metal gruyere.

About that video, it’s posted below. Listen to “Awake” and two other songs from the album at Mutiny Within’s MySpace page, and make sure you pick it up when it comes out on February 23rd. The band is virgin-tight live, led by the super-talented Chris Clancy’s soaring vocals, as you’ll find out when they open for the MetalSucks-sponsored Arch Enemy tour (with Exodus and Arsis).


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