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Two albums that are definitely going to fuck your face right the fuck off in 2010: new releases from The Ocean, which are tentatively scheduled to be released in March and October. And the band now tells our palls at Noisecreep that the first record will be called Heliocentric and that the second record will be called Anthropocentric.

And if, based on those titles, you’re guessing that there’s some sort of thematic connection between the two albums, well, hey, you’re right! Guitarist Robin Staps explains to Chris Harris:

Both discs, says Staps, “are a critique of monotheistic religion, especially Christianity, from different philosophical angles. ‘Heliocentric’ tells the story of the discovery that the Earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa, and the effects that this discovery has had on Christian beliefs, and ‘Anthropocentric’ deals with creationism, and modern day Christian fundamentalists who still believe the Earth is 5,000 years old, and the dinosaurs never existed and man is the epitome of God’s creation.”

So, there ya have it. Apparently The Ocean won’t be touring with Underoath anytime soon.

Read more at Noisecreep.


Thanks to Mark VanDeusen for the tip!

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