Viral Vomit



The always-brilliant Sergeant D. found the below video of some dude giving a one-man black metal performance… on the patio. Of his trailer. In case there was any doubt was kinda person this kid is.

It would appear that the audience for the show is somewhere between small and non-existent, but clearly that’s just because this dude’s manager sucks and didn’t know better than to make sure it was in his contract that he is never to take the stage any earlier than 9 p.m. Mayhem would never go on 6:37, for fuck’s sake.

Anyways, I’d accuse this guy of just trying to one-up Steven Tyler for idiotic places to do a show, but this was a good thirteen-plus years before Tyler’s already legendary set at Home Depot. So many this kid is just some kind of visionary.


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