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In case ya didn’t know, we’re big Gorod fans here at the MetalSucks Mansion. Rare is the band that can combine tech-y goodness with such melodious songwriting hooks, but there have it. Gorod r00lz.

So we were excited to read on Blabbermouth that the band is working on a new EP. But even more exciting is the description of what’s going to be on said EP:

The disc will include a 14-minute-long new song, one acoustic track, one cover and two re-recorded old songs from the band’s first two albums. The EP will also contain a video portion consisting of an entire live performance recorded on October 31, 2009 at the Halloween Invasion at RockSchool Barbey in Bordeaux, France.

Alright, so lemme get this straight:

  1. These dudes are gonna record a fourteen-minute-long song? If you know us here at MS, you know we LOVE ridiculously long songs – especially coming from a band like this, who are gonna bring a metric ass-ton of musicianship to the table. Holy SHIT, that makes me excited.
  2. An acoustic song?!?! Fuck is that gonna sound like? Holy SHIT, THAT makes me excited.
  3. An entire live set, too?!?!?!? HOLY SHIT, I AM EXCITED.

No word of a release date on this yet, but whenever it comes out, it’s sure to be awesome. Stay tuned for more details…


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