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16 3 16 10″ width=”300″ height=”193″ srcset=”×193.jpg 300w,×322.jpg 500w, 600w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />The title of this post is sort of a puzzle in secret code, but I’m sure most of you can figure it out. Right? Take a minute. It’s not that difficult. Really? You can’t figure it out. I know headbanging can cause brain damage, but come on, man. This isn’t that hard.

OK fine. If you’re really that stumped, click below and I’ll explain.

The Answer: Two -(2)- albums from misanthropic sludge metal band -(16)- will be reissued by the folks at Relapse records on March -(3)- Sixteen -(16)- Two-Thousand-And-Ten -(10)-. Their 1993 debut Curves That Kick and 1996 follow-up Drop Out were originally slated for re-release back in August, but these remastered albums are now finally available for pre-order. I’m a little bummed since we were originally promised both vinyl as well as CD editions of these long-out-of-print albums, but as long as they’re getting made available in some format then I’m happy.

Then again, it’s hard to be happy about anything to do with 16. If you happened to hear their 2009 album Bridges to Burn, you’d probably agree that their songs are some of the most depressing, de-motivational tracks ever recorded. Don’t expect Curves That Kick or Drop Out to be much rosier. Seriously.


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