… faithful MetalSucks reader Shane Gillis! The panel that selected the winner of this contest included not just your MetalSucks editors but the Brohemoths at Metal Injection, Metal Blade, Behemoth’s management company and, yes, Nergal himself! The choice was unanimous. Here’s what Shane had to say about the contest when he entered:

I feel that I should win the vocal cover contest because I put so much heart, soul, and time into this, when time is the last thing I have right now. Just became a first time father on December 28th. I was so obsessed with this contest that I filmed my wife two days before she had the baby so that I could get video of her pregnant, and then later handing my son to me (just like in the Behemoth video). That takes dedication folks! I worked very hard to make this different than all the others I’ve seen. I wanted to give you something extra, especially during the parts where there are no vocals. I spent many hours on this, so I hope you find it worthy of this amazing contest. Besides all that, I’m 35 years old. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10, and it has ALWAYS been metal. I’m a lifetime devotee. I think Behemoth are the masters of this style and it has been a pleasure to compete in something bearing their name, regardless of the outcome. Damnit I want that guitar!!!

Congrats dude, you deserve it! Enjoy the guitar and Behemoth / Metal Blade swag, and congrats on your newborn. Some day you’ll have a great story to tell your son about how you won that guitar. You should even consider giving it to him when he’s old enough to play!

– VN & AR

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