Tour de Force



So let’s say you’re Fear Factory. You’re in the headlines a lot these days because your founding guitar player has returned to the fold and you’ve recorded an album that ranks with your best. You have to go do your first big U.S. comeback tour. Who do you announce as your support acts? How about Winds of Plague, Dirge Within, and Periphery?

Wait… what?

I think Periphery are just swell, but I wouldn’t advocate paying whatever a ticket to this tour costs just to watch them play a short set so early in the night you might not even make it to the venue on time anyway. Meanwhile, Dirge Within? Winds of Plague? Really? This is the audience Fear Factory wants to court?

I don’t understand this decision at all. This should be one of the biggest tours of early ’10, not something that makes all the band’s old-school fans groan and debate whether or not it’s even worth it to buy a ticket. I mean, you could obviously get to the venue late and just hope for the best, but unless you know the set times in advance – which is not always feasible – you could very well end up finding yourself watching Johnny Plague and whatever goth-y young woman is playing keyboards in his band this week.

Luckily for me, I don’t like Fear Factory, so I don’t even have to worry about this. But for those of you who are FF fans… weigh in with your thoughts below.

And who knows? Maybe you can just wait ’til Ozzfest to see Fear Factory.


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