Even if our relationship with Born of Osiris is a little, uh, strained, that doesn’t mean I can’t dig their music. So here’s their new, David Brodsky-directed video, for “Now Arise.”

My first thought when I saw this was “Oh, great performance footage” – whatever else you wanna say about BOO, you can’t accuse them of being unable to play their instruments – “but I don’t understand the concept behind the animation.” Luckily, I don’t have to, because Tim Kellen, who did the animation for the video, released a statement on the subject!

“The illustrations that materialize in the video show symbols we see everywhere; in advertising, corporate branding, and on legal tender.  Many of these are ancient, sacred symbols used to empower the individual.However, according to some scholars, these symbols have been subverted by those wishing to destroy and dominate the rest of the population.  Some would argue that the eagle is representative of Scorpio, a symbol of money and power;  that the 2 headed eagle is a popular symbol among the Bavarian Illuminati;  The many skulls are symbols revered by brotherhoods of death; and that the all seeing eye represents surveillance.”

Well, alrighty then! Keep all that mind when watching the video…

“Now Arise” comes off of BOO’s latest, A Higher Place, which is out now on Sumerian.


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