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Two Orphaned Land posts in one day! Oy!

But this isn’t an Orphaned Land post – not really.

See, as part of my Jew on Jew interview with Orphaned Land’s Kobi Farhi, I asked him to recommend some other Israeli metal bands. I haven’t had a chance to go through the list yet, but one of the bands he talked about was Whorecore. And MetalSucks reader “israelizach” recommended that same band to us just last week. And now, lo and behold, the MS Reader Formerly Known As Prince e-mailed us to point out that Whorecore have a new video, for a song called “Whore Baby” that I really think my mother would like. Here’s the video (some parts of it may be considered NSFW, depending on how strick your workplace is):

I think this band is alright, but not anything to get all hysterical about – they sound like a million other bands. Funny thing is, in our interview, Kobi discussed Orphaned Land’s desire to sound unique:

We were very young and played death metal, around about eighteen years ago, and then we understood the world will not care about us if we just sound like Morbid Angel or any other American band. We wanted to contribute something, to take advantage of the region we come from, so that’s how we formed our style.

Now, I’m not trying to talk smack on Kobi or anything; I guess I just wish that Whorecore followed Orphaned Land’s lead, and tried to develop a somewhat more distinctive style.

Weigh in with your thoughts below.


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