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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 25, 2013 NSFW

  • David Lee Rothmund

So you like big juicy ones? Of course you do! You like a big, juicy list of all the Shit That Comes Out Today! Check out the size of this week’s — it spans genres and perversions and tastes and flavors and whatever. What this means is this: Whoever the fuck you are, today’s STCOT makes you happier than this guy!


August Burns Red - Rescue & RestoreAugust Burns Red
Rescue & Restore (Solid State)
On a playlist with: As I Lay Dying, Darkest Hour, early Trivium
Listen “Fault Line” (here) “Provision” (here) “Spirit Breaker” (here)

Hello ABR lovers and haters! I’m friendly and more in the middle, so hear me out: Rescue & Restore will not be winning any awards for originality, but there are some “ah ha” moments when they bust out new-and-spanky chops. But mostly R&R is rife with chord-banging choruses and those excruciating “BLAAAAHHHHH RAHHHHHH” vocals. That shit gets old as fuck, especially when ABR’s thing isn’t working as a complete unit. But shitty bits are just punctuation for what could be the genes of a truly awesome metalcore album. So what I still feel that ABR will always be looking up at Unearth and All That Remains for transcending metalcore stereotype and putting out original(ish) music. ABR fans will eat this shit up, and I ain’t mad cause it’s really not so bad.


Spirits Of The Dead Rumors Of A PresenceSpirits Of The Dead
Rumors Of A Presence (The End)
On a playlist with: The Flying Eyes, Kadavar, Been Obscene
Listen “Song Of Many Reefs” (here)

Feeling crunchy? Cuz this is the best way to describe Rumors Of A Presence: Crunchier than Captian Crunch’s sugarcoated corpse. And when so much crunch meets stoner-groove bar rock, it’s a recipe for fucking greatness. So I absolutely adore Rumors. It’s slow and real and punchy, but also subdued and completely behind itself. Its earthiness is so thick that I imagine the instruments just playing themselves, with spirits of dead badass motherfuckers to inspire them. I love the sonic naturalism, the organic feels, and especially the goosebump-soulful solo work (like above at 4:05). They’re another one of those bands I’d die to hear live in a dark, beer-stinky, dank-ass bar — you know the type.


Mouth of the Architect - DawningMouth Of The Architect
Dawning (Translation Lost)
On a playlist with: Isis, Cult of Luna, Pelican
Listen “Sharpen Your Axes” (here) “It Swarms” (here) “How This Will End” (here)
Read Alkahest MetalSucks review (here)

So you’ve probably read a ton about Mouth Of The Architect’s new jam. You’ve probably read that it’s legend in its intensity and legion in its heaviness. You’ve probably also heard that it’s wittingly dynamic and has no repents for its moments of planet-smashing intensity. That’s all fucking correctListen to the jams first, then take a peak at our four-horn review and wonder why the fuck we couldn’t add another severed horn-hand to it! All that keeps me from calling Dawning a perfect album is that its genre is so saturated with good shit that I can’t keep up on who currently leads the pack. Could be MotA. Progressive post-metal is the double-IPA of the metal world: Hard to appreciate — but once you get into it, you love the burning intoxication it gives you. I’m drunk.


Palms - Palms SmallPalms
Palms (Ipecac)
On a playlist with: Deftones, Junius, Team Sleep
Listen Palms full stream (here)
Read Kip Wingerschmidt MetalSucks review (here)

So if you listened to Deftones’ Koi No Yokan and thought, “Gee, I wish there was a more atmospheric and chiller version of this perfect album,” then you’re in luck, Chuck. Deftones/Isis collabo Palms’ first and cleverly titled album Palms is going to have you rubbing your palms raw real quick, especially with Moreno’s eat-yer-heart-out vocals. You get swoop-and-droop guitar interludes and low-heartrate drumming, too. I love how it feels very packaged at points, but then breaks out of the post-rock shell it builds around itself to explore more metallic territories (see the end of “Short Wave Radio” above).


Deeds of Flesh Portals to Canaan-e1325429251104Deeds Of Flesh
Portals To Canaan (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Rings Of Saturn, Origin
Listen “Rise Of The Virvum Juggernaut” (here) “Amidst The Ruins” (here)

Tech-extreme-death bands are as cheap, numerous, and packaged as eggs, but I’m digging the fuck out of Deeds Of Flesh and their Portals To Cannan. It mixes the structural eccentricity of Rings Of Saturn with the more tremolo-and-breakdown style of Oracles-era Fleshgod Apocalypse. And what a fucking combination. Bands can choke real hard when they attempt this many notes arranged in a coherent menage, but Portals rings through and true with tons o’ sexy insane-spiral riffs and tempo shifts. Even though I’m a bit biased — I’m partial to bands like Deeds and others in their cohort — I’m gonna insist that you listen via the link above and then bitch/rave in the comments below on what yew think!


Hesperian Death Horse MrtavHesperian Death Horse
Mrtav (Play The Assassin)
On a playlist with: Many bands on Throatruiner
Listen Mrtav full stream (here)

Well, Hesperian Death Horse is my first metal band from Croatia. Though that place is absolutely fucking gorgeous, HDH’s Mrtav is gangly and festooned with warts, goiters, and sick shit. And I <3 it so hard. It’s definitely the most ethereal thing I’ve heard in a damn while — even more than the new Mouth Of The Architect jam I just jizzed all over (above). Mrtav materializes in my brain like some kind of Kafkaesque spider, with long, crusty legs and an exoskeleton worthy of a post here. And the fucker is coming to eat me alive! So that’s how it feels — Mrtav is exhilarating in that slow-chase kind of way, eliciting the kind of sweaty panting that happens after you wake up from a rainsoaked nightmare. Consider Mrtav my favorite jam of this month — and that’s saying something.



Abnormal Thought Patterns Manipulation Under Anesthesia (Lifeforce) listen listen
Amon Amarth Deceiver Of The Gods (Metal Blade) listen
Attila About That Life (Artery) listen listen read
Behexen Rituale Satanum reissue (Debemur Morti) listen
Chthonic Bú-Tik (Spinefarm) listen
Damned Spring Fragrantia Divergences (Basick) listen
Imprecation Satanae Tenebris InfinitaDio Magica reissue (Niji) listen listen
Extol Extol (Facedown) listen listen
Firewind Apotheosis: Live 2012 (Firewind) listen listen
» From Hell Heresy (Paper + Plastick) listen
Graveyard Of Souls Shadows Of Life (FDA Rekotz) listen
Havok Unnatural Selection (Candlelight) listen
Iliac Thorns It (Inverse)
» Imprecation Satanae Tenebris Infinita (Dark Descent) listen
Lantern Below» Insanity Death After Death reissue (Hells Headbangers) listen
» Lantern Below (Dark Descent) listen listen
Lesbian Forestelevision (Translation Loss) listen listen listen
Locrian Return To Annihilation (Relapse) listen
Man’s Gin Rebellion Hymns (Profound Lore) listen listen listen
» Morality Crisis Boats EP (Minnesconsin) listen
Moss Of Moonlight Winterwheel EP (Cascadian Alliance) listen
Mumakill Flies Will Starve (Relapse) listen listen listen
¤ Necrotic Disgorgement Documentaries of Dementia (Comatose) listen
Nosdrama Gravity (Inverse) listen
One Inch Giant The Great White Beyond (Soulseller) listen
Orphaned Land All Is One (Century Media) listen listen read
Queensryche Queensryche (Century Media) listen
Ramming Speed Doomed to Destroy, Destined To Die (Prosthetic) listen listen read
Scorpion Child Scorpion Child (Nuclear Blast) listen
Send Me Home The Struggle EP (Harbor) listen listen listen listen listen listen
Morality CrisisSerj Tankian Orca (Serjical Strike) listen listen listen
Sister Sin Dance Of The Wicked reissue (Victory) listen
Skeletal Spectre Voodoo Dawn (Pulverised) listen
Toad Endless Night (Comfort Point) listen
The Vein Scouring The Wreckage Of Time (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Viranesir Fountain Of Uncertainty (Merdumgiriz) listen
White Wizzard The Devil’s Cut (Earache) listen listen

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