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Earlier this week Howard Jones had to drop off of Killswitch Engage’s current headlining tour, apparently due to illness. All That Remains’ Phil LaBonte has been filling in for Jones – The PRP has been referring to this incarnation of the band as “Philswitch Engage” (cute) – but now MS Suckalo has done some investigative reporting and it seems that original KSE front man Jesse Leach may be returning to the band for their NYC shows next month. Have a look at this recent Facebook exchange (Yes, Facebook. I know, we’re not exactly Woodward and Bernstein.):

Now, Leach obviously isn’t confirming anything here, but if he’s not doing these shows in some capacity, well… he’s kind of a cock tease who’s clearly leading some fans on. So for now I’m gonna give the benefit of the doubt and say Leach seems to most likely be making plans to do these gigs.

Leach and KSE parted on good terms so this isn’t a shocker; still, given how popular the band has become since the release of their second and final record with Leach, the already-legendary Alive or Just Breathing, I’d wager this will be the first chance many fans have had to see the band live with Leach.

(I’d also like to take this moment to stress that if you think this is the beginning of Leach’s full-time return to the band, well, you’re dreaming. I don’t see KSE repeating Anthrax’s mistake anytime soon.)

It will also be fun to see what the band decides to play for these shows, assuming Leach is in fact doing them. I’d love to see AOJB played in its entirety, but who knows? Maybe the band will also break-out some material for their (original) self-titled album, or even have Leach do some songs from latter-day KSE recordings (He already did a guest spot on End of Heartache’s “Take This Oath” and “Irreversal”). Or maybe Leach is only doing part of the set, with LaBonte filling in the rest – although I can’t imagine LaBonte, or anyone else, being anything but anti-climactic at a show with Jesse Leach on vocals.

The shows take place March 18 and 19 at The Fillmore. I guess we’ll see what happens then…


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