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peripheryNow that the long-awaited release of Periphery’s self-titled debut album is drawing closer we’re finally starting to get a taste of what they’re really all about. On Monday we got a new version of the song “Light” featuring new vocalist Spencer Sotelo, but that song had been around for months prior with Chris Baretto on vocals and before that for months prior as an instrumental. And not for nothin’, Sotelo doesn’t sound all that different from Baretto so it’s not like we had anything truly new to chew on.

But last night Tim Shanks sent us a link to a streaming player built to support the Distort Showcase at Canadian Music Week, which I guess is next weekend in Toronto. The showcase features Periphery, and as such their new song “Icarus Lives” is the 6th song down in the player. I feel like I’ve heard this song before, either as an instrumental on Periphery or Bulb’s MySpace / Soundclick pages in the past or perhaps when we saw Periphery live last Fall. Either way it’s catchy as hell. Really can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.


PS: Those of you who called shenanigans on the horrendous photoshop job in the above picture are right on the money. What the fuck?

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